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Handmade Quilts by Maggie's Quilts

Each Quilt is custom handmade (hand or machine quilted) in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and is uniquely "one of a kind". As each Quilt is purchased it will removed, shown as "out of stock" or marked as "Sold", and will not be available to purchase and eventually removed from the catalogue. Craft shows and similar events deplete stock quickly, but any Quilts sold will be removed or indicated as "Sold' in the online catalogue system. As the Quilts are not mass produced, and only hand-created by Maggie, a similar selection will be restocked as quickly as possible.

Summer Tea Teddy Bear Picnic Table Runner
33" x 33"
Hand and Machine Quilted
33" x 49"
Hand and Machine Quilted
17" x 38"
Hand Quilted
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$70 CDN

$70 CDN

$40 CDN


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